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hello! welcome to pink latte! my cozy corner of the 'net.
this website functions as a personal project dedicated to the things i love and am passionate about!
i plan to upload my art, JP->EN translations, pics of my pet rats, blog posts, and more ^_^

best viewed on desktop in 1920x1080 in microsoft edge (currently).

update log!
2023年3月16日 made a banner, added a virtual pet, and some other things!

2023年3月15日 created the site! wahooo!!! things will be changing a lot for a bit...

i'm feeling...
The current mood of pinklatte at

play lobotomy corporation on steam now

don't let her starve.


watching: nagatoro s2, made in abyss, urusei yatsura (1981)

reading: soul eater, chainsaw man, higurashi: tatarigoroshi

playing: paper mario: sticker star, half-life 2, mario & luigi: superstar saga

made this site 03.15.2023

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